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Hometown: Denver, Colorado Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Mike: lead vox.
Jeff: Guitar, vox.
Drew : Bass, vox.
Chris : Guitar, vox.
Manny: Drums, p90x

Boldtype Bio:

Punk rock? Most would say that today, punk rock is hard to define. Modern day hybrid genres and crossover styles have diluted what many have relied on to be safe and comfortable representations of 'punk'. But punk rock was never meant to be safe. Whether facing the that keeps us all comfortable and safe. March with us, judge us, dance with us or label us, Boldtype will remain self reliant in the fight to deliver untainted truth. That's punk enough for us.

Where we are:

Immersed. We are working with Ross Mcafee (of Warped Tour's E.I.Y. stage and Denver's Dr. Neptune), who is taking a producer and managers roll never before occupied so greatly by anyone outside the band. Ross brings a fine-tuned ear for old school thrash and fresh contemporary perspective to the table. With production nearly complete we soon head to the recording studio to track and mix what will be our most nurtured album scheduled for a early spring release.

Hustle. One of the biggest mistakes bands make is to assume that some one or some recording label will step through the door and change their life. Success will not discover you. Success must be earned. This has never been more true than in today's digital music age. And given the ever-increasing accessibility of all facets of the on and offline music industry we can't be more exited to explore and utilize new avenues of promotion.

Rocking out loud and proud. Boldtype is investigating new regions for touring opportunities, establishing connections and building relationships with new bands and friends and increasing our brand awareness(that's right, punk snobs, BRAND. Get over it).

Where we've been:

Formed in 2002.

First full length recorded and mastered at 8 Houses Down in Denver, CO, produced by Ron Vargas and Boldtype, released in 2003.

Single 'Unjust Us' re-released in 2004 on Skratch Magazine's Volume 19 Free Comp.

Video for 'Unjust Us' produced and released by Privilege Films in 2004.

Singles 'Blind' and 'Guarantee' recorded at MotaLand in Denver, CO, produced by Ron Vargas and Boldtype, released on Roman Ruin Records' Undead In Denver Volume 3 in 2004.

Single 'Rewind' re-released in 2005 on Denver Street Freestyle's bitchin' stunt bike video 'Contributing Blox'.

Self-titled EP recorded at the Blasting Room in Ft. Collins, CO, produced by Ron Vargas and Boldtype, released in 2005.

Single '3 Cheers' recorded at The Bee Hive in Denver, CO, produced by Boldtype, released on King Bee Records' Gina Go Faster/Boldtype 7" Split.

Tours have included California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota. We were also honored to earn a spot on the 2005 Vans Warped Tour's E.I.Y. stage for 3 southwest dates (should have been thanks to the Long Beach police) and Warped's Ernie Ball Stage in Denver.

Where we're going:

Follow through and plenty of it.


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