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Bullet Bane

Bullet Bane
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil Current Label: Bells On Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Music: Love it, or leave it. Bullet Bane decided to follow the first part of the sentence without fear of error in dose. The band began its work under the name Take Off The Halter in mid-2009, influenced by bands from the scene of Californian punk rock and melodic hardcore.

The sound produced appreciates the mix of technical riffs and melodic vocals, driven by fast beats and lyrics that address issues such as media handling, society and environment.

Still in its first year, they have released an EP with 6 tracks, called We Took Off. With the music available on the Internet, the disclosure reached Brazilian and foreigners ears positively.

So invitations came to open concerts for worldwide recognized bands, such as: No Fun At All, NOFX, A Wilhelm Scream and Millencolin.

Already in 2010 received an invitation to license the firstborn album for the Japanese label Bells On Records, a major in style.

For 2011, news. First, the renaming, because the meaning of the former name estabilished a different meaning outside Brazil. The Bullet Bane band have rejoined and prepares a full-length this year, sounds even more technic and audacious. Of course, without forgetting the stage, where rock n' roll and energy really turn out the best way. As winner of the 2011 Promise Band of the award Best Of ZonaPunk, the group aims much more road, friendship and strength by the wayside.

Bullet Bane Bio:

Victor | Vocals
Fernando | Guitar
Danilo | Guitar and vocals
Rafael | Bass
Renan | Drums


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