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Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Current Label: Fat Wreck Chords Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: K.J. - Vocals & Guitar
Mark "The Sparrow" - Guitar
Jason - Drummer
Mike - Bass

Chixdiggit Bio:

Who could believe that it’s been 13 years since the band’s humble beginnings, selling Chixdiggit! T-shirts in their high school halls to fund the instruments they’d eventually learn to play? How quickly those early gigs in Calgary turned into tours with Lagwagon, The Presidents Of The U.S.A., Groovie Ghoulies, and Social Distortion. At those early shows, crowds could barely glimpse the tops of the boys heads due to their penchant for deep punk-rock splits, but anyone who did catch their act realized these rockers know how to have a good time.

Lead singer/guitarist K.J. Jansen is straight outta Canmore, a hard-scrabble mountain town too small to contain his sort of energy. After he ran away twice for stints as a roadie, K.J.’s M and P figured they’d better move his delinquent teenage ass to the big city. He went on to meet Mark (sometimes referred to as ‘The Sparrow’); Mike, the new guy on bass; and finally Jason on the tubs, the drummer from their first record on Sub Pop, who has thus returned to restore some dignity to this band. The fit? Kismet.

After countless singles, three longplays, and a grip of compilation and collaborative releases, we come to Pink Razors, really the culmination of the band members’ friendships as well as their prowess as musicians. The title is inspired by an inevitable juncture for a man in a relationship: the day you move in with your girlfriend and are surrounded by pink razors. Somehow, they surface without warning, and before you can say Epilady, they’re everywhere! The record features speedy-beat selections such as ‘Get Down’ and ‘Earthquake’; a tribute to online romance in ‘Geocities Kitty’; as well as dysfunctional love songs like ‘I Remember You’ and ‘C.G.I.T.’ (stands for Canadian Girls In Training). Pink Razors is destined to catch the attention of anyone still woefully ignorant of the mini-vacation known as Chixdiggit!.

Band recognition long ago outstripped the boundaries of Canada and even the States! Demand has sent the band onward to Europe and Australia, so plan to catch a high-energy Chixdiggit! show when they come to your town. Shows in support of Pink Razors are already being planned: there’s a few shows this Spring with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, then it’ll be off to Europe for a Summer tour.


  1. adriel
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    The classic Canadian pop-punk band! Love ’em

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    I like that.

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    Its amazing.

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