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Hometown: Liège, Belgium Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Bruno Gysen - Guitar / Vocals
Nicolas Fréson - Guitar / Vocals
Roman Delante - Bass / Vocals
Raffaele De Vuyst - Drums

Chump Bio:

Chump is born at the end of the 90’s. Niko and Bruno, listening non stop to stuff like Green Day, NOFX, Lagwagon, Bad Relgion, No Use For A Name, decide to create a band so they can cover what they are listening to and also write their own songs.

They have released some EPs between 2001 and 2005, have done a lot of shows and are involved in plenty of festivals all around Belgium. The have share the stage with Belgian acts like Hangin’Out, Wash Out Test, Skaïra, Skarbone 14, Nervous Chillin’, Flatcat but also internationnal bands like Big D And The Kids Table (US), Carving (FR), PO BOX (FR). In 2005, they decide to leave the project as it is and are looking to other projects.

Chump is finally back in 2016. 90’s punkrock style is still there and a lot of new songs are also added to the setlist. They release, on August 1st 2016, a EP called « Ready To Strike » and are playing shows all around Belgium, openning for bands like Strung Out (USA), plenty of french bands (Topsy Turvy’s, Ces gens la, Intenable, Demain Encore, Reviens, Mange Ta Mort, Heavy Heat, …) and also Not On Tour (IL), Chine Shop Bull (UK), March (NL), Faintest Idea (UK). The song « ID CARD » is even chosen to be part of a VA released in Canada (Ca Tire VA Volume 2).
During summer 2017, a line up change occurs. Roman (bass) et Raf (drums) are joining the band. They decide to go on tour trough France and Spain and keep on doing plenty of shows in Belgium. They go to studio in March 2018 to record « Welcome To The Punk Rock Family », an 8 tracks mini album to be released in Spring/Summer same year.

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