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Hometown: Mělník, Czech Republic Current Label: Pirates Press Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Květák – guitar, vocals
Pípa – bass, vocals
Dědek – guitar, vocals
Štelca – drums

Cirguz Bio:

*********ROUGH TRANSLATION*********
Great- sheer foundations were laid in the band 2003 - 2005, which formed our first attempts noise in local bands , where we have almost all alternated with everyone . We moved in 2006, when met axis Cauliflower - pipa - Stelco in a band that coverovala songs svejch oblíbenejch artists. In November we played a legendary concert in Isen to forge with The Violets . And that was composed several songs for the first Cirguz and added RUMa.s. Thus was the first demo and controversy poised .

After passing the first songs we tried to make a recording, we suggested people about what we in music goes, finally came out of the demo rock'n'roll and nothing more ( limited edition of 77 pieces - free for download in the "Info about the band " ) . We played a few more or less úspěšnejch concerts and I started trying to organize concerts in our city. Of course, I still consists of new songs and started a little sip , which is not always rewarding , especially on stage. At the same time, we also become enemy number one local punks . Fortunately, all the time explained ...

At the turn of the year , left us our guitarist and friend RUMa.s. (expressed in news) , who, though no longer playing with us , still remains one of us! In May we played in an already dysfunctional squat Milada and in the summer we took a mini tour with a band Brain Drain The Slatkej Citron. Soon after, we recorded another demo in honor of the heroes (Limited edition of 77 pieces - free download "Info about the band " ) , which continues the previous record. At the concert , we had the privilege to meet many known and unknown bands , but the greatest successes include performances with our favorite zone A , with the equally popular The hysterics in Mělnik cultural center or years include playing Rat City Riot from USA !

This year for us is the sign of great things. One of the first was the visit of Professional Studies in Pilsen, where we recorded a few pieces for a new recording . She came out as a split with the Ústí rumpus . We participated in a compilation in honor of the legendary Ramones, where we recorded burner Rocaway beach . Next, we played a couple of other events that we have enriched the experience , like the years include playing Radio Dead Ones from Germany, melodic 77 gang Guitar Gangsters of England , mini tour with another English formation Wonk Unit or concert with Oi ! Punk legends Sham 69 Finally, in September strengthened our range of Prusa, known womanizer , a drinker and a gardener !

S Prus we vlítli to the next year of our existence in order to record an album that would finally was longer than our current demo or participation for a split . The result was a recording called " New School Is No School " , which was created almost half a year with the assistance of Analog Studio ( limited edition of 50 pieces - free download "Info about the band " ) . We got to the last Dirty Fest along with Guitar Gangsters and others, where we warmed up too , because our production , as the last of the bands at the festival, was completed around midnight arrival of the Police. Summer is generally marked by the festivals that were after our performances (or nevystoupeních ) abolished , viz. Dirty Fest Fest Kufr ( Lhotka Fest) . All we have to regain garage Happens at Libor K. and especially brutal and utterly finished cord with friends Brain Drain called Hemzák Tour, which culminated with a concert in "our" Pubs in the arcade (U Hanze ) and subsequent after party in our laboratory.

This year, we played less and more tried , which resulted in a new material. After the traditional weekend with Fialkama we cut a great concert with Another Fake Heroes and Remember The Heroes mints at Psovka from Which one appeared a few shots and our first official clip which was published in the summer . Then appearances with popular River City Rebels club 007 We also " celebrated " five years of existence in the huge three-ringed soap factory together with Covers For Lovers and combines. What is worth mentioning the June Plzeň , where we played in front of American power- pop band The Cute Lepers and the December Plzeň where someone we reduced our standard of living things stolen from the car , which was well before the club off the CCTV. This will not spoil the mood but because we played acoustically at the Cross and to meet again with Pascal Briggs and John Plain, a founding member of The Boys.

In the next year we appeared possible laxněji but rather the opposite is true . We fulfilled a dream and we went at his own expense , our first asphalt. It was a black 7 "End of punk ( Limited Edition of 100) , which included a bonus cd where all the material that we have ever recorded, and a little history of the band. In January, we cut a traditional weekend with my buddies The Violets , play with výbornýma Modern Pets or Heretix and Melnik , we welcomed U.S. band The Downtown Struts and Burning Streets . In addition, we made friends with a great band KungFu Girlz , support benefit to a community center in Most and by the end of the year we are again with Fialkama Strakonicích played in a camp where fully reflected how much I love punk, sex , and beer ...

During the summer of 2012, still managed to record a cd in čtyřpísňové that appear in our frustration with the Youth and Government mess around us. It finally came at the turn of the year and is called Weapons and love prevail (Limited edition of 50 pieces). They played again a few more concerts and nakročili we do other interesting stage. Do not plan to brake and we want to play in pubs on ...

In the New year will again try to actively play and try as much as possible, and all the material here will eventually discover ...


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