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Hometown: Ottawa, Canada Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Nick Herwig - Guitar
Derek Stark - Vocals
Marc DiVall- Guitar
Nick Guimond - Drums/vocals
Alex Guimond - Bass/vocals

Contrabandit Bio:

We’re a 5-piece punk band based out of Ottawa, Canada. We started the band in the Spring of 2005.

Our members met in Ottawa playing shows together while in other bands. Brothers Nick and Al quickly joined forces with Nick and Marc and began making music, adding Derek on vocals, completing the line-up. One strength that we’ve always had was the diversity of our members; three former lead singers, two established drummers, and five guitarists have really add depth to the writing process.

Contrabandit brings the fast, melodic and technical punk recipe back to the table, but with a contemporary attitude.

Contrabandit features members of previous Ottawa bands Fighting-Lines, Full Levity and A Negative Space, but this is clearly a new departure for them all with a good mix of guitar harmonies, thoughtful lyrics, a powerful rhythm section and an energetic stage presence.

With a penchant for the cynical, and a skeptical eye for social relevance, Contrabandit hope to entertain, enlighten, and explore new chords!

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