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Hometown: The Hague, Netherlands Current Label: Kicking Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: René van der Zee: Guitar and Lead Vocals
Bertus de Blaauw: Drums and Lead Vocals
Eddy van den Bos: Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Cooper Bio:

In a time where the name of a band is more like a tongue twisting nonsensical sentence, usually no less than 17 words including a day of the week and a brand of panty pads, its good to know that there are still bands who like to keep it simple. Like Cooper, a three piece punk rock band that dont need eyeliner and girls jeans but may wear the occasional tight t-shirt, to make a criminally catchy blend of Circle Jerks, Beatles and The Police with The Descendents and Dave Brubeck looking over their shoulder.
Cooper have already released four previous albums, "Do You Know Not?" (1994), "No. 2" (1996), Activate (2001) and "Makes Tomorrow Alright" (2005). Do You Know Not? and No.2 were both recorded and produced by Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL), who was so impressed with Renés hot finger licks, he recruited him to tour with Junkie XL for several years. Activate was produced by Michel Schoots (Urban Dance Squad). Coopers fourth effort, modestly titled Cooper Makes Tomorrow Alright, was produced by one of their all time heroes, the legendary Bill Stevenson (known for his drumming for Black Flag, Descendents/ALL and Only Crime as well as producing numerous punk bands like 7 Seconds, Good Riddance, Rise Against and Zeke). The album was recorded in the Netherlands where prostitutes and drugs and other such like things that every growing boy needs are never far away. Together with his partner in crime Jason Livermore, Stevenson then mixed the sessions at his own Blasting Room in Ft. Collins, Colorado USA. Vandals bassist and Kung Fu Records owner Joe Escalante heard the album, decided that it sounded great and then asked what the plan was. One thing led to another and before anyone could shake a shitty stick, Cooper were added to the very impressive Kung Fu rooster. In 2009 Cooper did this trick all over again and the brand new "Right Now!" album is the result of the second cooperation with Bill Stevenson. This time Stevenson was also fully responsible for mixing the record. "Right Now" is released on Kicking Records for France and on Kung Fu Records for the rest of the world.
Live Cooper are exciting, tight and powerfully intense, and as most 3 pieces achieve, create a powerful melodic wall of sound leaving the songs running round your head for weeks after. Theres a good chance you have seen the band play as theyve been busy over the past several years playing with the likes of Social Distortion, Fugazi, Offspring, Vandals, Living End, Explosion, Stereophonics, Morphine, Jesus Lizard and Sum 41 amongst others.

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