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Crossing The Limits

Crossing The Limits
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Band Members: Rachael Holland - Vocals
Tom Colmans - Guitar
Dan Smith - Guitar
Tim Clements - Bass
Ben Brennan - Drums

Crossing The Limits Bio:

19th February 2018: Fresh from releasing their debut EP earlier this month, new kids on the block Crossing The Limits present a lyric video for new single ‘Predictable’ here. Vocalist Rachael Holland says of the track: “This song is about those people that try to make us feel stupid for being different. I got really tired of seeing everyone around me just throw away their dreams to just do what everyone else is doing. Sometimes we get caught up in what's expected of us and it's scary to stand on the other side, say you want something different and follow a big crazy dream. deUltimately if you ignore who you are to please everyone else, it's you you're gonna have to answer to later down the line. Be yourself and do whatever the hell you want!” Featuring other singles ‘Won’t Settle’ and ‘Reverse’, the Norwich quintet’s debut ‘Perseverance’ was self-released on 6th April 2018.

Crossing The Limits are completed by Tom Colmans and Dan Smith on Guitar, Tim Clements on Bass and Ben Brennan on Drums. Coming together with the aid of the internet, Holland recalls: “I'd just gotten out of another band I'd been in for a few years, but it had reached a point where we weren't all on the same page anymore. I felt pretty disheartened but I knew that I wasn't done. I began searching online for members to start a new band with, who were all committed and driven.” They are brimming with positive energy, describing their ambition as being to “uplift people and inspire them to be who they are.”

With the line-up complete, the members set about writing material, drawing upon lessons they had learned over the past year. Not all of the songs made the cut, but after 4 months the band had the material that would become ‘Perseverance’, with Holland confirming: “It's about walking through the storm. Life gets rough, but you have to keep going. You can't just sit there in your rut and give up, you have to persevere through setbacks to grow”. Recorded at Steel City Studios with Drew Lawson and mastered by Grant Berry at Fader, Holland fondly recalls: “Staying in a budget hotel, living off of fast food and being around each other all the time brought us all closer together, and we really got to know each other and how to agree to disagree sometimes. These guys are my best friends, and the support we give each other is amazing, they're my brothers.” Naming Neck Deep, Tonight Alive, State Champs and Against The Current amongst their influences, on ‘Perseverance’ Crossing The Limits offer up a delightfully energetic and uplifting dose of posi-pop-punk. Holland concludes: “Our sound is very uplifting and strong. In 3 words I'd say the sound on this EP is empowering, uplifting, and unapologetic. These are our stories, our dream”

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