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Custom Fit

Custom Fit
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA Current Label: Pirates Press Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Vocals - Sabi
Lead Guitar - Collin
Guitar - Micky
Bass - Mall
Drums - Ramona

Custom Fit Bio:

With a band as talented, experienced and powerful as this, and a lead singer as passionate as Sabi, CUSTOM FIT was bound to make waves. And they have.

In early 2010, Sabi, who had just moved across the globe from Slovenia to Santa Cruz, California, and Micky, who had recently started performing with local Northern Soul band THE INCITERS set it off, and the rest is history. In the summer of 2010, the two met bassist Mal, a former member of Canadian bands WREKDEFY, RAYGUN COWBOYS, MAD BOMBER SOCIETY, and a current member of San Jose psychobilly band HAYRIDE TO HELL. The three struck up a conversation and soon the search for a drummer and lead guitarist would be in full swing. The idea was nothing more than to start a one-of-a-kind band where everyone had equal input...

A wanted ad for a drummer was finally answered, with Ramona bringing diverse interests and proving right away she was meant to be part of the band. Finally, less than a month later, Micky’s friend Collin, formerly of LUXURY SWEETS and THE SPURTS, was brought in on lead guitar, adding a heap of talent, amazing songwriting skills, and a broad playing style.

With all five of their influences now meshing, and the band's sound and cohesive writing style taking shape, CUSTOM FIT have generated a huge buzz for themselves in the Bay Area. Their sound and style (backed by an equally impressive live show) honor bands like STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, COCK SPARRER, THE TEMPLARS, BLITZ, X-RAY SPEX, VICE SQUAD, BUZZCOCKS, and even a little bit of DEVO. Diverse, talented, and passionate; to say the least!

After about a year of fine tuning, a set of original songs was ready for the stage, and following a slew of unbelievably successful gigs, this record naturally followed. Themes range from the zombie apocalypse to the irony of social networks, human spontaneous combustion, and even more serious subjects, like losing a close friend to suicide.

Folks all over the Bay Area are lucky enough to have seen this band grow and can already sing along to a lot of these, but this record will introduce this band and these great songs to a whole new crop of people eager for vibrant new sounds!


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    soo nice.

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