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Fine Fine Titans

Fine Fine Titans
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown
Band Members: Jennifer Bartlett, Evan Bartlett, Kris Sosa, Joe Smith

Fine Fine Titans Bio:

Fine Fine Titans are a four-piece female fronted post-hardcore ensemble hailing from the Great Lakes region of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The band originally started as the brainchild of husband/wife (bassist/vocalist) Evan and Jennifer Bartlett. The couple met in 2007 after Jen’s old band performed in Evan’s hometown of Grand Rapids. Two years and a marriage certificate later they decided to merge their love of music and complimentary creativity to form a new band. They searched for members and started writing music and playing out, with Fine Fine Titans officially taking shape in December of 2010.

The duo rounded out their sound with the addition of guitarist Dustin Posthuma and drummer Jason Campbell. They began cultivating their signature fervent hard-rock tunes for their 2012 debut EP, ‘Arms’. FFT’s introductory effort and energetic live performance garnered them a loyal following and comparisons to genre inspirers such as Every Time I Die, The Bled, He Is Legend and Letlive. Their meteoric rise in the local music landscape also got them selected for opening slots for Dead Sara, Emery, Blessthefall, Vanna, Still Remains, Stray From The Path and I See Stars. The quartet is a force to be reckoned with collectively, but it’s vocalist Jennifer Bartlett who has grabbed the scene by the balls. “On top of sloping the notes she hits into powerful vibratos, she throws in Chino Moreno-esque screams with murderous frantic shrills before breakdowns that make you want to dance AND throw people simultaneously.”

Lyrically Bartlett explains she finds her inspiration in “heartbreak and struggle. I'm driven by the natural energy and chemistry that not only flows through people but also connects us to animals and nature. I'm a dreamer. I'm inspired by change and those who are impassioned enough to make positive strides despite hardships.”

After the successful release of ‘Arms’, Fine Fine Titans went through a member reconfiguration with the exit of Campbell on drums and Luke Pietscher quickly jumping in to fill the vacancy. FFT got to work on their follow up EP, teaming up with producer Erik Ron (Panic at the Disco, Foxy Shazam, Saosin, Chiodos, New Years Day), engineer Adrian Alvarado, with mastering done by Anthony Lopardo. Members Posthuma and Pietscher made their departure from the group soon after completing the record. Joining the ranks in the winter of 2013/2014 were drummer Joe Smith and guitarist Kris Sosa. With a full lineup in place and undeniably killer EP on the horizon, Fine Fine Titans are about to shake things up in 2014.


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