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First Brawl

First Brawl
Hometown: Modena, Italy Current Label: Indelirium Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Guido - Voice
Vittorio - Bass
Adolfo- Guitar
Manfro- Drum

First Brawl Bio:

Formed in 2014, First Brawl is an hardcore band born between Modena/Bologna with members of others & old good hardcore punk band from Italy: Guido, Vittorio, Riccardo, Nico.
Early years they playing around Italy, recorded a DIY demo and first full length entitled “ Full of nothing” , published by Indelirium Records.
In late 2015 Nico and Riccardo left the band due to personal problems and First Brawl replaced them with Adolfo and Manfro .
After line-up change First Brawl restart to strike again, toured the whole Italy and Europe to promote new record.
During “Full of nothing tour” they made a name around themselves and shared the stage with bigger acts like: No Turning back, Risk it, DRI, MDC, Lifeless, Thell Barrio, Raw Power, Strenght approach, Wehrmacht, Dufresne, Brutality will prevail…..
In late 2017 First Brawl back in studio and recorded “Turning Point”, out 30th March 2018 under Indelirium Records again, of course more mature & personal under songwriting aspect, but always with the same attitude & First Brawl sound's style.
The band’s sound now is a mix of powerful & fast hardcore old school with a modern sound & style, inspired by: Death before dishonor, Terror, Backfire!, To Kill, Born from Pain and many others

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