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Future Girls

Future Girls
Hometown: Halifax, NS Current Label: Dirt Cult Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Heather//Dewayne//Matty

Future Girls Bio:

Future Girls started in 2015 as a songwriting outlet for Matty Grace (Fat Stupids, Weekend Dads). Later that year, she recruited Heather Grant (Crossed Wires), Dewayne Shanks (Crossed Wires, Botfly) and Coleman Johnston (The Scoop Outs) to fill out the band.

“Motivation Problems” is the debut full length from the band. Self described as “Bummer Punk." It balances lyrical themes of gender dysphoria, depression and geographic isolation with sonic elements drawn from college rock and pop punk similar to Superchunk, Measure (SA), and Teneme

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