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Hometown: Adelaide, Australia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Jesse - voice and guitar
Phil - bass and voice
Jimmy - drums

Grenadiers Bio:

Sometimes you get a feeling, right down in that space between your heart and your belly. It could be that eighth beer that puts you in just the right place, beating the crap out of your mate at foosball, getting an awesome phone call at three a.m. Grenadiers are kinda like that. They play rock music the way it was meant to be played- loud, fast, fun, full of awesome energy and devoid of pretension. It’s music that hits you first at the feet, then in the heart, and if it makes a detour to your head then that’s pretty cool too.

A raging mash of influences like The Bronx, Queens of the Stone Age, Hot Snakes and every other awesome rock band in the last twenty years, it’s a sound hits you in the face then screams at you to hit it back. Grenadiers have been playing around the traps of Adelaide and Melbourne for about a year, enjoying an enthusiastic reaction to their four track demo and building their sound and repertoire into what will be their debut full-length album, “Songs the Devil Taught Us”, due out early 2010. Here’s what some people have said about them:

"So Visceral, so energetic, so damn rockin'!"- Dom Alessio, Triple J

"This is Killer. It kicks, screams, breaks down, screams again and is gone."- Richard Kingsmill, Triple J

"...visceral fist-pumpin’ riffs and fiery attitude coalescing into pure, irresistible adrenaline..."- Oh-Banger, Home Slice web zine

With a 3 track sampler of “Songs The Devil Taught Us” getting around and touring plans in the works, 2010 promises to be a big year for Grenadiers.

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