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Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: Hellcat Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Greg Lee (No. 6) -Lead vocals
Alex Desert (No. 7) - Lead vocals
Deston Berry -Keys, vocals
Kincaid Smith -Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Efren Santana -Tenor Sax
Lino Trujillo -Guitar
David Fuentes (RIP) -Bass
Greg Narvas -Drums, Percussion

Hepcat Bio:

For some reason we all met at Alex's house in the wee hours of 1990. It turned out we all loved early reggae music, so we picked up some instruments while Alex had Skatalites' Skaravan playing on the turntable. Greg said, "Hey, why don't we cover this song?" So we did. Afterwards, Alex's friend Nigel called from JA to say what's up. This happened to occur at the exact same moment we came up with a new, untitled song. So we called it Nigel. Afterwards, we sat around, realizing we were actually making music together. But what would we call ourselves? At that moment, Alex's cat, Hep, walked right through the middle of the living room for all of us to see. Alex said, "Hepcat." I said, "Yeah! The Hepcats!" And Greg said, "No. It's gotta be Hepcat. No 'the', no 's'." And so, history was made.


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