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Hometown: Italy Current Label: Bridge Nine Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Lorenzo- Guitar,
Steve -Guitar,

Hierophant Bio:

Hierophant is a ferocious crust/punk metal band based in Northern Italy.
The band started to play near the end of 2009 and with their first home-recorded promo they caught the oppurtunity to play shows around Italy.

For a relatively new band,they've played over 100 shows between Italy and Europe sharing the stage with some huge bands.

In october 2010 Demons Run Amok Entertainment put out their first release named "Self titled" that features Dwid Hellion from Integrity on the song "Ak Kalki".

The sound of Hierophant is basically a mix between crust/punk and sludgy metallic hardcore with a dark/oppressive/apocalyptic mood.
Since the release of their first album, Hierophant are touring as much as possible to promote their product.


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