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Hometown: New South Wales, Australia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: DRUMS - Luke Williams (Chunk)
GUITAR - Luke Mongan (Mongos)
BASS - Heath Rowley (The Gull)
GUITAR - Dave Smales (Smalesy)
VOCALS - Jake Willoughby (Jakeoughby)

Wiseheimer Bio:

We are a bunch of Novacastrians drawn together by our common love of all things Punk Rock. We enjoy drinking beer and playing the music we love! It works for us and we will do it till we are old and grey and piss off our fellow nursing home residents! Social commentary is prevalent throughout our lyrics since we have opinions about everything but we throw in some light-hearted tunes as well to keep the balance. We are self-managed and have played 100s of shows, largely at local pubs, where we have developed a fan base over the 11 years (Did I mention we are as old as the hills?) that we have been involved in Newcastle's Punk/Hardcore music scene. We have headlined gigs with many bands and supported international acts like Pulley, Against Me, 28 Days, No Use For A Name, Smoke Or Fire, and Lagwagon. 2009 is the year we release our 2nd full length album. Entitled "Industrial Retribution", it has just been completed it and we will be launching it on Anzac Day (25th April) at the Bar On The Hill when we play with Frenzal Rhomb and Nancy Vandal. "None The Wiser" was our first album released in 2004 and although it received some kick'n reviews and still gets tv and radio airplay, we decided we can do a whole lot better ... We are expecting great things from this new disk as we have evolved a lot since our last effort! We are stoked with how far we've come, love playing gigs and laying down new material is what keeps us going. Thanks to everyone for their support so far and even if you get sick of us over the next 50 years we will NEVER GIVE UP so you're stuck with us! Thanks for listening - come see a show soon. And to anyone who gives a damn about us thankyou...seriously we mean it. ..

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