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Working Poor USA

Working Poor USA
Hometown: Cape Cod MA Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Kucka Chris - Drums
Mike Bman - Guitar
Tommy Bones baker - Bass
Tony DeBaggis - Vocals

Working Poor USA Bio:

Mike Bman - Gituar ,Mike has been playing for thirty plus years on the same Gibson Les Paul !! Mike played his first punk songe in Junior high scholl with vocalist Tony D , and has gone on to play in a veritey of rock bands, though has come back to the roots with Working Poor USA !!

Tommy Bones Baker- ( Bass ) Tommy has made a name in the local Cape cod scene for playing in such hard hitting bands as, Boozin Hooligans , Knuckle Buster , Man's Demise, and Severance to name a few !!

Kukka Chris, ( Drums ) Kukka is a hard hitting mad man who's drummed for the likes of GRIM, The Ill Fated, Kuckka , and was origional drummer for the Antibodies! Chris is back and pounding the skins for the Working Poor USA !

Tony D ( Vocals ) Tony has been a local fixture in the Boston / cape Oi! / punk scene from the 80's Has bellowed vocals for bands , Stand Tall , The Bullet Babies, Crash damage , and the past five years fronting the Mfing Antbodies ! and is ready for this project Working Poor USA


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