DS Staff Picks: Dylan’s Favorite Punk Albums, EPs & Things of August, 2023 (Presented by Punk Rock Radar)

Hello, and welcome to the August, 2023 edition of Dylan’s Favorite Punk Albums, EPs & Things! This is the column where I, Dylan aka Screeching Bottlerocket, tell you what new punk rock albums, EPs and singles I enjoyed the most this month.

This is a collaborative effort with our friends at Punk Rock Radar, with whom I’ll be doing a video version of this Best Of wrap-up each month. If you like discovering awesome new bands as much as I do, be sure to follow Punk Rock Radar on Instagram and YouTube, and keep tabs on their Upcoming Release Calendar.

Here’s our video for August (let us know what your favorite releases of the month were in the YouTube comments):

MxPx – Find a Way Home

I’m a huge MxPx fan; I’d say they’re one of my Top 5 favorite bands of all time. I really liked their 2018 self-titled album, and I think Find a Way Home may be even better than that one. A few songs (mainly “Cautious Optimistic”) took a handful of listens to grow on me, but I think this is an excellent record. It pulls from a lot of different chapters of the band’s sound, with some songs reminding me of Secret Weapon and others throwing back to the classic Life in General sound. Find A Way Home does not disappoint.

7 Years Bad Luck – No Shame

I’ve always thought that Austria’s 7 Years Bad Luck were one of the most overlooked bands in punk. These guys have been cranking out excellent music for over 20 years, but I rarely see anybody giving them the love they deserve. Their last record Great, Big, Nothing is awesome, and their new record No Shame is awesome, too.

Swill – Delicate Subjects

As a second generation Florida Man I’ve always gotta show love to my Florida bands. Jacksonville’s Swill have been on my radar for a while now, and now with the release of their new album on People of Punk Rock Records they’ve hopefully appeared on a few other people’s radars. Delicate Subjects blends blazing fast melodic punk with some more experimental, At The Drive In-ish elements.

The Kimberly Steaks – Big Noise

The Kimberly Steaks are another band that I don’t think gets their due. Big Noise is the latest in a long line of stellar albums these Scottish punks have released over the past decade. What’s more, I think it may be their best album yet. If you like old school Green Day, you’ve gotta check these guys out, and Big Noise is a great album to start with. Imagine if Green Day could still write good songs and were from Scotland and you have The Kimberly Steaks.

Dead on A Friday – Limited Time Offer

The name Dead On A Friday looks and sounds familiar but I think this is the first time I’ve checked out these fellas from Queens, NY. Limited Time Offer makes a great first impression – my fellow Bad Religion fans will like this record. I need to go back and listen to Dead On Friday’s last two albums.

The Decline – Magical Misery Tour

Australian melodic punk mainstays The Decline are back with a new album! Well, kinda… sorta. Magical Misery Tour is actually a collection of a shitload of singles they’ve released over the last few years, but there’s a new song, too. “Hillsong of the Damned” features Jay from Frenzal Rhomb on guest vocals and, coincidentally, it’s also my favorite song in the bunch. If you haven’t been able to keep up with the barrage of singles The Decline have unleashed since 2019, this compilation is a good way to catch up – and it’s the only way you can get all these songs on vinyl! Very cool.

Stuck Lucky – Golden Serpent Holy Tabernacle, Pt. 1

Stuck Lucky is a bad ass ska core band that’s been around as long as I can remember. Their new EP Golden Serpent Holy Tabernacle, Pt. 1 is great, probably the best songs they’ve ever released. I’m looking forward to Pt. 2!

Keep Flying – Daylight

Another great ska-ish punk release. Keep Flying plays high octane pop-punk with horns. Their sound reminds me of In With The Out Crowd era Less Than Jake, but with a lot more energy. The songs on Daylight are fast as hell; this is a great little EP.

Skamagotchi – EP

And completing the trifecta of ska EPs released in August (actually, looks like this came out in late July but let’s look past that) we have Buffalo’s Skamagotchi! They call themselves a third wave ska band but I hear a lot of two tone influence on here; I’d describe their sound as Mad Caddies meets The Toasters. Fun songs, solid debut release!

Fallen Legacies – Another New Beginning

SoCal melodic punks Fallen Legacies are back with their second EP in as many years. Another New Beginning will be enjoyed by fans of Strung Out, Pulley, etc. I like the title track the most of the 5 songs on offer.

There were a ton of great singles released this month! Way too many to talk about them all actually, so I’ll take a second to shout out my Top 3 singles of August, and direct you to check out the Spotify playlist down below for the rest.

Making Friends – “Happy Fucking Whatever

I think I’ve already said it a few dozen times, but I’ll say it again. Making Friends’ Fine Dying is one of my most anticipated albums of the year. “Happy Fucking Whatever” is the latest single and probably my favorite yet. If you like 90’s skate punk you’ll love Making Friends. Don’t sleep on these guys! You will regret it.

Modern Shakes – “Ask the Dust

Here’s a band I’d actually never heard of before this month. London’s Modern Shakes really impressed me with their new single “Ask the Dust”. Apparently they’ve got a new record on the way and I’m really looking forward to that now as well.

One Reason To Rise – “One Reason To Rise

Colombian skate punks One Reason To Rise are killing it this year! I really liked the single they released in February “Live​.​Ride​.​Repeat.” and I like this new one even more. Check it out and stay tuned for their new City Lights EP coming October 27th.

Anywho, that concludes the August installment of the column. Thanks for checking it out! Keep your eyes glued to Dying Scene for all things punk rock and follow our friends Punk Rock Radar on InstagramYouTube, etc. Join us again next month!

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