Dying Scene Photo Gallery: Mustard Plug, The Toasters, Half Past Two, and Malafacha – Reggies, Chicago Illinois (09/07/2023).

Mustard Plug’s ‘Where Did All My Friends Go’ Album Release show with special guests The Toasters, Half Past Two, and Malafacha at Reggies! This entire show is a great showcase of talent using a variety of instruments from horns, bass, guitar, trumpets, vocals…everything sounds RAD and you will end up having a blast!

Mustard Plug is a ska punk band from the Midwest specifically Grand Rapids, Michigan. They came to Chicago to promote the release of their new album ‘Where Did All My Friends Go’ (Bad Time Records, 2023). The band consists of vocalist Dave Kirchgessner, trumpeter Brandon Jenison, trombonist Jim Hofer, drummer Nate Cohn, guitarist/vocalist Colin Clive, tenor saxophonist Mark Petz and bassist Greg Witulski. The band have toured all over the world since they formed in 1991from the United States to Europe, Japan, South America and beyond. This ska punk band that will have you “skanking” into the night and having so much fun. Check them out here

The Toasters are one of the original American second-wave ska bands founded in New York in 1981. The band is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Buck, bassist Tim Karns, keyboardist Dave Barry, drummer Art Zamora, saxophonist Nathan Koch, trumpeter/trombonist Adam Birch, and trombonists Gilbert Covarrubias.  They have more than 19 albums behind them and released ‘Live at the Ska Fest 2021’ LP Album (Supernova Records) in 2023. You’re in for a real treat and be sure to check them out here. 

Half Past Two is an amazing 7-piece ska band formed in 2006 in Orange County, California. The band consists of vocalist Tara Hahn, guitarist/vocalist Max Beckman, keys/guitarist/ vocalist David Parris, bassist Mark Anderson, trumpeter Max Maynard, trombonist Luis Gracia Alonso, and drummer Savannah Tweedt. The band is full of so much energy and you will not find yourself standing still. Find them here.

Malafacha is a Ska band with Reggae and Latin rhythms that was formed in 2003 in Pilsen’s Hispanic Bohemian neighborhood in Chicago, IL. Malafacha is conformed of 8 members, vocalist Moises Bello, drummer Alejandro Cruz, saxist Ivan Bello, bassist Ezequiel Cruz, trombonist Juan Abad, percussionist Armando Pescador, guitarist Roberto Carlos Tovar, and keyboardist Martin Orosco. With this many band members you are bound to have different personalities and musical tendencies between the band members. This has brought the band together to obtain an original sound with a base of Ska, Reggae and Latin rhythms mixed with Punk, Metal, Cumbia, Rock, Disco and an endless fusion of genres that makes of Malafacha a unique band. Follow them on their social media pages to see where they will be next. 

Mustard Plug Photo Gallery

The Toasters Photo Gallery

Half Past Two Photo Gallery

Malafacha Photo Gallery

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