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Black Hole Records
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Black Hole Records was formed in the early 90's by a couple of guys who would rather buy records than eat. Many a meal of Ramen noodles was had so they could blow their weekly wages on frequent record shopping excursions in Philadelphia, Princeton NJ and New York City.

Originally created to promote their band Lovegutter, they began noticing the wealth of local talent being booked by friend Rick D under the moniker of "Black Hole Presents".

With no real local punk labels to speak of at the time, Black Hole began to release 7" from local bands they enjoyed. The releases were financed at first by selling off rarities from their personal record collections, then later by importing CD reissues of classic Punk and Oi! from the UK which were sold at record conventions and wholesaled to area stores. All profits were put back into supporting the label.

In the mid 90's, Black Hole began to expand their focus, first to New Jersey with a 7" by the Wretched Ones, then to Georgia with a 7" by Timebomb 77 and finally to the UK and Switzerland with releases from Jumpin' Land Mines and Vanilla Muffins.

Eventually due to financial woes coupled with marriages, family life and relocation, Black Hole slowed down and ground to a halt in the late 90's.

In early 2010, inspired by several Lovegutter reunion gigs and friendships with new up and coming bands, Black Hole reformed and began working on their first release in over 10 years - Cashing In On Christmas Vol 2!

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