Album Review: Only Crime – “Pursuance”

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I didn’t know what to expect from Pursuance, the first Only Crime album since 2007’s “Virulence”. With their first two albums being more bent toward hardcore punk, Pursuance is both a natural progression and a bit of a departure. If Descendents had a more serious minded and less romantic baby with bitter and more discordant Good Riddance, this album would be it. Which I suppose makes sense.

Although showcasing more melody than previous releases, there’s still plenty of anger. In songs like “No Truth in Love”, which is a high point, bitter lyrics collide with almost metal guitar riffs. Discordant riffs tie the album together in a very satisfyingly pissed off package. “Bred to Fail”, the closing song, ends with the lyrics ‘We have never found a way home/Failed and broken/living too long/define in an instant what we have lost/failed and broken’, which fairly well sums up the lyrical content of the album as a whole as well as encourages me to start it again when it ends. A strong release from one of punk rock’s super groups, this record is well worth the listen.

4.5/5 Stars – Listen to the whole album below.

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  1. theplaylistjournal
    ThePlaylistJournal6/4/2014 10:10 PM | Permalink

    Didn’t know what I was expecting but I’m impressed! Was just going to listen to one song & ended up listening to half of it! Will be looking out for these guys!

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