Andrew Jackson Jihad reinventing the way you eat salad with… The Salad Glove!

The ever-so-innovative Andrew Jackson Jihad have a new invention for those of you who have difficulty consuming your leafy greens and it’s called… The Salad Glove! Here’s what the folk-punk group had to say about their magnificent (and completely practical) creation:

After grueling years of research, development and market analysis, the fine folks at Andrew Jackson Jihad Inc. have found a solution to life’s greatest question. How do I eat salad?

Look no further! We have innomaginationeered™ the perfect solution. THE SALAD GLOVE® provides an easy to use, clean, effective, modern, indiscriminate way for you to enjoy salads!

Using technology, we have developed a glove that can be easily applied to all salad-related eating experiences. Just slip on a salad glove, and FIST FUCK YOUR HUNGER™!

Let’s put a salad in every bowl and a glove on every hand! Welcome to the future! Welcome to America!

Click here to watch an infomercial on The Salad Glove, which can be purchased for the low, low price of $1.99 from the band’s webstore. It features testimonial from Ray Charles(from the famous jazz group The Dave Brubeck 12) so it must be all its talked up to be.

Andrew Jackson Jihad are set to release their upcoming double live album “Live at the Crescent Ballroom” on September 3rd through Asian Man Records.

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