Answer That and Stay Fashionable: How Did You End Up with Dying Scene?

Welcome to Answer That and Stay Fashionable, where every week various members of the Dying Scene team will take a question posed by you, the readers, and pour their hearts out in regards to all things punk rock: from favorite records and show experiences to embarrassing purchases and fashion styles. If it’s punk, it’s fair game.

This week’s question:

“What made you decide to write/blog, where did you start and how’d you end up with Dying Scene?”.

Read our responses below.

Bizarro Dustin
Technically speaking, I started blogging about music in 2006 when I decided to create a top 10 list at the end of the year. But other than that yearly list, it didn’t really go anywhere until after I finished college and I realized that if I enjoyed writing about albums so much at the end of the year, why not do it all year round? I started my own blog, C’mon and Cheer Me Up, and within a year I expanded to covering live shows. In February 2012 I wrote a review of a Less Than Jake / Samiam show that I was particularly proud of, and I wanted a larger platform to share my work. I considered submitting it to Punknews, but through some thought process that I can’t remember, I decided to submit it to Dying Scene instead. I’m glad I did. It’s kind of a funny story actually, I was too dumb to find the “live show review” category [Note: it’s under the ‘Submit News’ section, not ‘Submit Review’], so I sent an email asking where I could submit my review. I got a speedy response from site founder Johnny X, along with a warning from him that it’d have to be a quality review in order to get published. Confident in my writing, I submitted it with making very little edits.

A day later I got another email from Johnny X telling me that he was impressed by my writing, and asked if I’d consider joining the Dying Scene team. Two years later, here I am still writing for the site. (I haven’t updated C’mon and Cheer Me Up in awhile, so don’t bother checking it unless you just want to see any past work of mine)

I always enjoyed music and words, my time was spent either writing or listening to music, but had never even considered combining my affinity. That day came when I was walking around a music festival that had set up in my town, and like always people were handing you fliers. After the event, I was going through the post cards and business cards that had been shoved at me throughout the day, and found that one was for a music blog looking for writers. I sent in an application, waited a week, and never heard back. But it was then I realized that blogging was something that I really wanted to do. I honestly had no clue Dying Scene even existed until I was talking to a friend about how I wanted to get into interviewing and writing album reviews, and she mentioned that I should check out Dying Scene. Somehow I managed to convince head honcho Johnny X to take on a snot-nosed 16 year old who had never even read music news, or visited the website before, as a writer. Fast forward almost two years, and here we are now.

Midwest Punk
Nothing in particular really made me “decide” to write, it’s just something I started doing more while in college. I got my degree in Mass Communication (Broadcasting specifically), and that by definition requires writing. As I went through my studies, I realized I love writing, and wanted to do more! As for how I ended up with Dying Scene, that was kind of just a chance encounter. I have had a passion for punk music and “the scene” for 15+ years, and followed DS on Facebook. DS posted a call for writers, and I figured it was a perfect fit, considering I love punk and I love writing. Our fearless leader, Johnny X contacted me, and after talking for a bit, I signed on, and I’m glad I did!

Hopeless Romantic
I have been a fan of punk for 20 years and I have an English degree. I was looking for something where I could use my love of writing while also sharing my passion for music with others who are also into the scene. I saw a call out for new writers and responded – and here we are. I have started to do photography/show reviews for the site too and just started my own photography blog as well!

Kaylee McNeil
I’ve always been a blogger, and I dappled in a little of everything – personal, fitness, lifestyle, music. However, throughout the years, I found that I valued most my blogging work in music. I did a small internship which involved music writing, then did some live music blogging with college radio, but I wanted more. I applied to a number of music blogs and magazines and more often than not, I didn’t even hear back from them whatsoever. To be honest, Dying Scene was the last place I even considered. I had read the blog for years and assumed that they would turn their nose up at my offer to become involved. To my joy and true shock, I was welcomed with open arms and have enjoyed writing for DS ever since.

Justin Zipprich
I moved to sunny California with the dreams of becoming a big time movie star. Though the acting thing hasn’t gained huge rewards, through my experiences and reading scripts I learned my love of scriptwriting and then writing of all sorts. Since then I try to dip into everything from short stories to television pilots. My other huge love in life is music, in particular the punk, pop-punk and ska genres. Unfortunately when it comes to my social group, I am all alone in my love of punk so I basically had to keep my opinions to myself, that is, until I found Dying Scene. I was so thrilled with the prospect of talking to others about kick ass punk rock and I just had to ask if I could have a writing position. This is easily one of the most entertaining websites on the internet just due to the fact that I have a community of people that enjoy the same things as I do and it has been an awesome experience.

Dylan Thomas
I don’t remember exactly how it happened but I vaguely recall Dave (the boss) sending me a message on Facebook roughly 4 years ago, asking if I was interested in writing news for Dying Scene… I guess he had seen me posting comments on DS posts frequently or something like that. Of course, I said yes and I’m pretty glad I did because writing for the site has given me some pretty amazing opportunities. I’m no longer a horrible writer, I get to help spread the word on a lot of bad-ass bands, and I get to interact with some of my favorite bands and labels on a regular basis. What more could a boy ask for?!


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    I will say : easy site to use, quite representative of the large scene of punk rock, and the team is reactive to the questions.

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