At the Drive-In splitting up again?

Cedric Bixler-Zavala recently spoke to about At the Drive-In and their reunion, the end of The Mars Volta and his new solo project. Asked whether ATDI’s reunion is over, he replied:

“I guess for now, it is. But you should never say never. There’s still a lot of amends to be made and behavior to be accounted for. I know that sounds cryptic, but the reunion wasn’t really the raddest reunion we could have had. I think everyone in the band tried their best regardless of some people not looking like they wanted to be there.”

ATDI first called it quits in 2001, shortly after the release of their highly successful album Relationship of Command. They reunited in January of last year, and had been playing a series of live shows, mostly festival appearances, since then. Although the band has stated that there would be no new material, they recently streamed a remix of their signature song “One Armed Scissor”.

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