Blast from the past: Dwarves full set from 2008


We’ve stumbled upon something of an oddity in the world of live punk videos: a Dwarves set that lasts more than a couple minutes. This miracle of punk occured in 2008 at the Divebar in Las Vegas, NV, probably during an alignment of the planets. To see the magic with your own eyes, check out the video here, along with a full set list.

The Dwarves last released “The Dwarves are Born Again” last May. Check out the Dying Scene review of the record here.

Set List:
1. How It’s Done 00:25
2. Dominator 01:46
3. Way Out 02:47
4. Anybody Out There 04:00
5. Salt Lake City 06:37
6. Relentless 08:53
7. F.E.F.U. 10:24
8. I Will Deny 12:44
9. Everybody’s Girl 14:14
10. Over You 16:11
11. You Gotta Burn 18:33
12. Free Cocaine 21:34
13. Fuck ’em All 22:31
14. Act Like You Know 23:46
15. Like You Want 25:23
16. Let’s Fuck 25:24
17. Fuck You Up And Get High 28:21
18. Astroboy 29:21
19. Back Seat Of My Car 30:32
20. Detention Girl 31:23

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