Drama over Monique Powell’s use of the Save Ferris name continues to grow

Save Ferris are set to play their first “reunion show” tomorrow, but the band’s reformation continues come with controversy and a series of legal challenges. According to this report, the reason frontwoman Monique Powell is using the Save Ferris name is that she’s trying to fool people into thinking the band is actually reuniting. Original Save Ferris guitarist Brian Mashburn comments:

“She is violating our rights. It seems like she is trying to fool the public by saying this is a Save Ferris show. People are going to go regardless because they want to see Monique, and that’s their prerogative, but people who are fans of the whole group think it’s disingenuous.”

In the same article, longtime Save Ferris fan Jamie Nicole Rocha criticized Powell’s decision to resurrect the band and claims that she’s doing it to promote herself, explaining, “There’s no excitement from the scene that has been around Save Ferris for all these years. The thing that saddens me the most about it is that Monique actually believes she can fool the fans that have been with the band for so long. It really shows how big her ego is, thinking the band is all about her, where in fact it was the guys behind the instruments who are responsible for the songs we love.”

Another fan named Curt Silver also commented on Facebook posts about the “reunion show,” informing fans that it’s not an actual reunion. He explains, “I’m not sure what Ms. Powell is doing with herself, but it concerns me that she’s lying to the 6,000 fans she has fooled with this concert.”

Save Ferris released their last studio album, Modified, in 1999 on Epic Records. The band officially broke up four years later.

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