Drunk Sum 41 bus driver runs bus off the road and almost kills the band

Sum 41 have given us the perfect example of why you shouldn’t drink and drive, and in the case of this dude, why some people shouldn’t drink at all. Turns out that on the way back down to So Cal after the San Francisco show, their bus driver was drunk and ran the bus off the road, almost killing everyone on board. The band posted a series a tweets updating everyone as events transpired.

6:32: “So our bus driver was drunk. We are at the side of the road. This tweet is not a joke. Trying to get to Ventura for warped tour”

6:50: “Recap. Our bus driver ran off the road. He was drunk. Deryck tried to fight him”

6:55: “New bus driver came and met us at the side of the road…. He seems more sober.”

6:58: “No doubt we like to drink. Its well documented. But this fucking idiot did it while driving!”

7:00: “What an idiot! We could have been killed! Fuck this guy. Never working for us again!”

12:18: “We are alive. In ventura. Ready to rock out.”

The band obviously fired the guy but apparently, it wasn’t the only incident they encountered with this dude.  They posted a video from the San Francisco show that showed him being aggressive towards the guys. Check out the video here.

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