DS Exclusive: Tom Rheault (No Trigger) gives DS a quick run down about the bands absence, the new record and the future

No Trigger disappeared for while but they’re back in business, baby!  The band released “Canyoneer” back in 2006, toured their asses off for a few years then everything went quiet in the camp. After the unintended break the band released the EP, “Be Honest” in 2010 and a full length is expected for release in 2011. Get stoked on it!

The band will be stepping out this week to lose their Australian tour virginity.  Vocalist, Tom Rheault took a few minutes to tell us at Dying Scene why they were away for so long, what their return means for affiliated side projects, signing to No Sleep Records and the No Trigger / A Wilhelm Scream connection. You can read the full interview here.

If, like me, you are lucky enough to be in an Australian capital city over the next week, check the dates, get your ass a ticket and get to their show!

What does having No Trigger return mean for the equally awesome side project, Smartbomb?

Billy and Erik (from Smartbomb and Outbreak) played a huge role in No Trigger while we were touring from 2006-2009. We honestly could not have done any of the cool things we did in that timeframe without those dudes. But Smartbomb was actually around prior to Billy and Erik joining No Trigger and they are still going strong today.

What lead to the extended break by No Trigger?

We did not plan on taking a break at all, we just kind of found ourselves doing other real world things instead of writing new music.

How hard was it to balance the band while sharing members with Smartbomb and Outbreak? Did this contribute to the extended break?

I guess it did kind of contribute to the break, since it was tough to write new songs and practice while those guys were on tour. But those dudes are touring machines, and we love them for it.

The sound on Be Honest is definitely a lot “poppier” than the aggressive tunes we found on Canyoneer. Can we expect the new album to go in this new poppy direction or will there still be some slammers a la “My Woods” on the new album?

Don’t worry. We will have a nice array of all things No Trigger on the new record.

What made you chose No Sleep Records, a label that is quickly becoming very prolific in the punk world?

We had a few labels that were interested in the full length, and No Sleep were the best choice. Chris at No Sleep has his shit nailed down, and clearly knows how to run a tight ship. We love that about them. And any label with 6 styles of Decendents-themed merch is 100% legit.

What lead to the reformation of the original line-up?

A lot of it was due to the tour schedules for Outbreak and Smartbomb, and a lot of it was to also give the original dudes a taste of what we evolved into since they left. They never got a chance to go overseas or play the Fest or anything like that, so it all just made sense.

Can you explain the A Wilhelm Scream/No Trigger connection? It seems that if there’s any band the dudes in A Wilhelm Scream have high hopes for, it is No Trigger. What led to that interesting friendship?

To tell you the truth, A Wilhelm Scream are our idols. Smackin’ Isaiah were the only band from Massachusetts that I liked when I was in high school. I would look up to them so hard. They would post tour dates in the Midwest and I would always say to myself “I want to do that!” Later, we got to know those guys very well and Trevor had a HUGE hand in helping No trigger get signed to Nitro. We owe him everything for that.

What does the future hold for No Trigger? You guys were always known for the amount of touring you did. Are you hoping to solidify your spot as one of the hardest touring bands in punk rock this time around?

Well, to be honest we just want to do as much as we can, focusing on the coolest shows and tours that we can. I’m not sure if you will see us trudging through Texas in a van anytime soon, but you will probably see us in Europe or Florida!

What are 3 things that the world should know about No Trigger?

  • No Trigger are about to go to Australia without having a full band practice in over a month.
  • Tom C drives a 1996 Ford Escort wagon
  • Mike C has Hannah Montana’s cell phone number

Any last words?

Pick up our new 7” on Mightier Than Sword and look out for our next full length this summer on No Sleep Records. Coopcoop!

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