Dying Scene Presents: 2011 Ska Weekender Festival wrap-up

Finally!  The 2011 Ska Weekender Festival is only one sleep away so we are going to re-live the Ska Weekender Festival magic that we’ve been working on for the past few weeks.  We spoke to a few bands that are hitting the stage this weekend and some came to the party early letting  DS stream their tracks.

If you’ve missed anything Ska Weekender related then this the place and the time to catch-up before the Festival hits Adelaide on Friday.  As we found out through out interview series, Adelaide is the Ska hotspot of Australia so here at DS we expect the standard for the weekend to be set high, early.  Melbourne and Sydney you’ve been warned!  Check out all the 2011 Ska Weekender goodness HERE.  Now let’s get this show on the road!


Loonee Tunes: Stream “Only You”
The Bennies: Stream “Acid On Me Brain”
Finger Cuffs:  Stream “Taylor Swift”
The Kujo Kings:  Stream “Wolfman John”
Son of Dad
Hightime:  Stream “Lay Low”
Menage-a-Ska: Stream “Don’t Go”

Last minute tickets!!

Adelaide: Tickets available through Moshtix.  Click here to buy.

Melbourne: Tickets available through Oztix.  Click here to buy.

Sydney Harbour Cruise: Tickets available through Oztix.  Click here to buy.

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