Dying Scene Presents: Spoonfest 2011 interview recap

Spoonfest is only of hours away but over the past two weeks we’ve talked to a stack of the bands on the line-up and reckon that we’ve gotten to know them pretty well.  So before we put on our black Cons and drinking pants and head to the show lets relive the magic that was our Spoonfest 2011 interview series.

Every band we’re amazing and came to the party, streaming a track off their most recent release; Friends With The Enemy even gave us their whole EP, “New World Disorder,” for streaming.  Check out the full list of interviews here.

Luca Brasi, stream “The Song From HQ”

Dementia13, stream “Sans Regrets”

Flangipanis, stream “Global Warming Makes My Beer Warm”

Sunsets, stream “Slurpees”

Army Of Champions, stream “Songs To Die By”

Track-by-Track:  Friends With The Enemy – “New World Disorder”

The Quickening, stream “Pistolaz”

Local Resident Failure, stream “Human Rights…and Wrongs”

The Nation Blue, stream “Higher Ground”

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