EP Review: Good Graces – ‘Volume II’

It has always seemed to me that east coast punk music has a sound that is very unique and distinct. Perhaps I look into minute details, or that I grew up accompanied by the Atlantic tide. Whichever the reasoning, Philadelphia punks Good Graces play quintessential east coast afflicted punk rock music. Their songs are heavy, loud, and aggressive, the perfect mix of chugging guitars. The band’s sophomore EP, Volume II, definitely showcases a much more mature and developed sound than their 2012 self-titled. Each song appears to have a purpose, and makes for a consistent and enjoyable listen.

Volume II kicks off to a start with the pounding drums of “Good Idea. Glad I Came Up With It.” Vocalist Aaron Ditro has an abrasive vocal delivery that begs to be heard in a dim and sweaty basement. “So Long Stinktown” picks up exactly where “Good Idea” left off. It is dark and euphorically angry, and yet there is a feeling of control and calculated technique that set it apart from other similar releases.

“Everything Lasts Forever” is a melodic hardcore anthem, and is arguably the most standout track on the EP. If I did not know better, I could quite possibly believe the song to be the bastard child of members of Off With Their Heads, Dear Landlord, and Red City Radio.

Good Graces pens music that is best heard in a beer-soaked basement somewhere. It is impossible to pin down a single influence on their music, or pigeonhole them into a specific sub-genre, but maybe it is better off that way. Volume II is an EP that will slowly slip its way into your daily rotation. Even better yet, you can download it for free! So, what are you waiting for?

4.5/5 Stars – Listen/download below.

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