Guttermouth singer brawls with woman mid show, crowd retaliates

According to recent reports, a fight between a female audience member and singer Mark Adkins broke out at Guttermouth‘s show in Ft. Collins, Colorado last night… Here’s an excerpt of an email Jaded Punk received from someone named Jesse, whose friends were in attendance:

So, Guttermouth played Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins, CO (home of the Blasting Room, most of ALL/Descendents, Drag the River, etc) last night, rather they tried to play, their set lasted about 30 seconds. I didn’t attend because well, Guttermouth sucks, but I’ve been reading the Facebook threads from friends who still live in Fort Collins all today about what happened:

Apparently guy from Guttermouth was completely shitfaced drunk and starts off his set by insulting the crowd and then decks some girl in the pit (editor’s note: that’s not what happens in the video), she fights back, security jumps in and separates them, Guttermouth guy falls into pit where the crowd beats the crap out of him. Everything ends with security breaking it up, shutting down the show and telling everyone “police are on the way”.

There are also some videos of all of this going down floating around the web… Below is the best quality one I could find, in which the woman appears (to me) to jump on stage and throw the first punch at Mark.

We’ll keep you posted as more details surrounding this whole debacle come to light. Guttermouth’s latest album “Shave the Planet” came out in 2006 on Volcom Entertainment. They have since released a split 7-inch with The New Threat, which is free to download here.

Update: Here’s a higher quality video taken from a different spot in the crowd…

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