Happy Star Wars Day!

It’s May the 4th, boys and girls. You know what that means…it’s Star Wars Day!

To honor the intergalactic occasion, your friendly Dying Scene staffers have compiled a handful of the punk-rockinest Star Wars related tunes to be found on this side of Tatooine. Some are covers of classic Star Wars tunes, some contain loads of awesome references, and one is from Nerf Herder (for reasons that should be obvious). Grab some friends, head down to Chalmun’s Cantina and get ready to party like it’s a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Click here to check out our list, and may the force be with you!

Blink 182 – A New Hope

Ash – Cantina Band

Ska Wars – Rico Rodriguez – You’re going to have to click the link for that one. Seems the YouTube folks have removed any reference to this obscure instrumental.

Two Face – Ska Wars

Aquabats – Playdough

Onelinedrawing – Smile (featuring R2D2)

Shabutie (members of Coheed and Cambria)- Goodnight

Nerf Herder – Mr. Spock (yes, we get that the song is a Star Trek reference…but their name is Nerf Herder!)

Set Your Goals – Put Yo Hood Up

Bagpipe version of star wars theme (not technically ‘punk,’ but awesome enough to include anyway)

Captain, We’re Sinking – Star Wars Rap

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  1. Nieve7/24/2012 10:51 PM | Permalink

    Oh so you guys all had fun while I was away! All I got to see was a natural gas ppileine explode. Well that and a nice collection of firearms at the Winchester museum.

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