Ignite detail “Our Darkest Days Live” DVD

Ignite have revealed more details for their recently-announced live DVD Our Darkest Days Live, which arrives on June 18th in Europe and on the following day in the United States. The track listing can be found here.

The DVD contains 21 Ignite classics, a behind the scenes documentary of the band recording Our Darkest Days as well as several music videos. The live performance was shot in Leipzig, Germany in 2008 when Ignite was on tour with Terror, Strung Out, Death Before Dishonor and BurnThe8Track.

Ignite released Our Darkest Days in 2006 via Abacus Recordings. As you surely know by now, Ignite lead singer Zoli Teglas is now the lead vocalist for Pennywise.

1. Intro (00:46)
2. Bleeding (02:50)
3. Fear Is Our Tradition (03:00)
4. Who Sold Out Now (02:52)
6. A Place Called Home (03:00)
5. My Judgement Day (03:23)
7. Run (02:53)
8. Are You Listening (02:06)
9. Let It Burn (04:04)
10. Bullets Included, No Thought Required (03:36)
11. Know Your History (02:17)
12. By My Side (04:19)
13. Ash Return (03:30)
14. In My Time (01:20)
15. Embrace (02:17)
16. Burned Up (03:21)
17. Poverty For All (03:23)
18. Sunday Bloody Sunday (05:59)
19. Slowdown (04:58)
20. Live For Better Days (02:49)
21. Veteran (06:07)

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