Interview: Blank TV talks with HR of Bad Brains (more like HR talks to himself)

Since Bad Brains‘ formation in the mid-late 70s as Mind Power, the band has released eight studio and four live albums, toured extensively, and has cemented themselves in punk rock’s iconic history. But, do you think you know Bad Brains? Sure, we’ve all rocked out to Banned in DC or Pay to Cum, but do we really know Bad Brains? I resolve…no.

However, we can get little snippets into the life of the lead singer HR in this most recent with our friends over at BlankTV. Interviewer Joel courageously gets in a room with HR to discuss such topics as the origins of the group, rumors on the actual production of Sacred Love, HR’s run-ins with the law, the band’s views on homophobia,  and much more. This edge-of-your-seat interview is capped off with HR performing an acoustic song entitled, We Belong Together. Watch the entire interview here.

Bad Brains currently has a couple of tour dates scheduled, so head here to find out more info on dates and locations.


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