Live Video: Joey Cape & Tony Sly sing Lagwagon’s “Alien 8” off “Doesn’t Play Well With Others” DVD

Raw Cut Media have posted a live video of everyone’s favorite punk duo, Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape and Tony Sly of No Use For A Name, performing an acoustic version of  the Lagwagon classic “Alien 8.” During one part they break into a Four Non Blondes cover. Ha!

If you’re wondering where this is from, it’s off Cape’s latest CD “Doesn’t Play Well With Others” and the DVD that came with it. In any case, check it out here.

The original version of “Alien 8” appears on the 1997 album “Double Plaidinum.”

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  1. jaystone
    jaystone3/21/2011 7:03 PM | Permalink

    This is awesome in so many ways.

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