Lungs announce release date of new album “The Two Chief World”

lungsSydney punks, Lungs, are releasing their second, full-length record, The Two Chief World Systems, July 5th on Poison City Records. Having recorded an LP and two EPs in the space of two years, the band took a more relaxed approach for this recording, and spent three months in the studio with producer Lachlan Mitchell. A “tentative” track listing of The Two Chief World can be found here.

Lungs released their last album, Solitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish, Short in 2008.

00. Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems (Intro)
01. The Making of Phineas Gage
02. Disqualified from the Knowledge Game
03. Action Potentials
04. Forever ’84
05. Slips [Lamark/Baldwin (Baldwin Wins)]
06. The Rosenberg’s Piece of Jell-O Box Code
07. Bunyip/Chupacabra – The Battle of the Cryptids Part 1 (No One Wins)
08. Mobius is (Not) a Liar
09. Alvy Singer Didn’t Write Practical Ethics (II)
10. Sweating the Implications of Time Travel
11. The Machinations of Gilbert Ryle (Nozick Loses)
12. For Dad

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