Matt Toka premieres music video for “666”

Rocker Matt Toka has premiered a lyric video for his track “666.” They did it in a really cool way and whether you like the music or not the video is worth a watch.  You can check it out here.

“666” will appear on Toka’s upcoming full-length album “Straight To Hell.”  The album was produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance, etc.) and is supposed to be an autobiographical concept album on Toka’s life challenges.  No word yet on a release date but we’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Zilla Sherley10/17/2011 4:25 PM | Permalink

    might just be the lamest lyrics ive ever heard

  2. Adrian10/17/2011 4:38 PM | Permalink

    sex with a bacon-eating passed out messy alcoholic who makes awful movie references? naw… Sucks this isn’t actually about the devil… he wouldn’t approve of your self-abuse

  3. erica10/25/2011 7:04 AM | Permalink

    Clearly you are out of touch, old, and jaded. Matt Toka is a GOD. Best new artist in a long time.

  4. Zilla Sherley10/28/2011 4:10 PM | Permalink

    yeah ok… well whatever old and jaded maybe but omg who referances 666 to partying …. lame …. its like a thirty year old musician is trying to market to 12 year olds like good charlotte style

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