Mike Muir on the possibility of Suicidal Tendencies reunion with Rocky George and Robert Trujillo

Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir was recently asked by Dani Buarque of the “Lokaos Rock Show” if there will ever be a reunion with two of its former members, guitarist Rocky George and bassist Robert Trujillo, who were part of the band prior to the breakup in 1995. His response was,

“I’ve never been asked that, but we just did Infectious Grooves at the Metallica festival, and Robert played bass, Jim Martin from Faith No More played guitar, Dean from Suicidal played the other guitar and Stephen Perkins played drums, and a lot of people ask us about that, but I’ve never been asked that.”

Muir also talked about his friendship with Robert Trujillo, who has been the bassist for Metallica for years, “Robert’s in this little band they call Metallica, and I think they’re doing pretty well, but when we announced the Infectious show, we started getting a lot of people calling about that, and he’s so busy and we’re busy with Suicidal, and the time that we have off, we’re gonna keep off stuff. Yeah, I don’t think you’ll see Robert, I love Robert, I talk to him all the time when he’s around and when I’m around, but yeah, I don’t think it’ll ever happen.”

You can watch the interview here.

Suicidal Tendencies’ latest album, 13, was released last March. It is their first studio album with all-new material since 2000’s Free Your Soul and Save My Mind, and is said to be the first of the three albums they completed back in November 2011.

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