Music: “Melrose Diner” by The Wonder Years

the_wonder_years_upsidesThe Wonder Years have another sample from their upcoming album, The Upsides, due out in January of 2010 on No Sleep Records. The song is called Melrose Diner and is available for a listen on the band’s MySpace. Take a look at the full story for lyrics here.

Melrose Diner

I hate your bad tattoos and your second-hand stories; those anecdotes that grew old last month. I hate the way you move when you’re drunk and try dancing. It’s not sexy. It’s just keeping us up and I’m just not fond of anyone, but that’s got everything to do with us. I hate the way I get when I can’t handle bad news. It feels like I’ve been an asshole for months. All I’ve got left are these handfuls of fuck you and man, that’s never enough. I guess I’m just down. I guess I’ll be honest. I could use you around. I can’t stand the dork that you’re hanging with now. I guess I’ll be honest. I could use you around. I hate the way that you can’t keep your hair straight. I hate the way that you’re leaning on me. I hate the way that you point out when girls are staring because you know that I won’t do a thing. I hate the context clues you leave out of your writing because I can’t find myself here at all. You know that I hate when you call me wasted. I expect it whenever you call. My friends all say he’s just a b-rate version of me; he’s stuck on video games and weed. They’re just trying to help me get to sleep. My friends all say you’re sitting way too close to me, that I should just get up and leave. It’s like I’m weighed down to the seat. My friends all say he’s just the broke-dick version of me. They’re just trying to help me get some sleep. I know he’s what you need.

Song Explanation:
Everyone needs a good break-up song, right? This one just came very late. When we started writing the record, before there was kind of a concept behind it, I was having trouble with inspiration so I started to dig back to upsetting events that I had to deal with before. This is a song about a party and dealing with a few different people I didn’t want to deal with as well as my own inner monologue. No two verses are about the same person and honestly, now, I like everyone that this song is about. Funny how times change.

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