New Music: Felled Trees – “I Ain’t Sayin” (Dinosaur Jr. cover)

As you’re no doubt aware, Felled Trees is a collaborative effort in which a bunch of punk scene vets got together to produce an album of Dinosaur Jr. covers. Today, the band released their version of the track “I Ain’t Sayin’,” which originally appeared on Dino Jr’s 1993 album “Where You Been.” The normal “Trees” consist of Samiam‘s Sergie Loobkoff on guitar, No Motiv‘s Roger Camero on drums and Thrice‘s Ed Breckenridge on bass, and their version of “I Ain’t Sayin'” features Blair Shehan from The Jealous Sound on vocals. Click here to check it out.

“Where We Been” is die out next Tuesday (October 15th) on Siren Records.

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