New Music: Tim Timebomb and Friends – “Down the Road”

Tonight’s new Tim Timebomb and Friends song is a cover of a 1930’s tune called “Down the Road”, written by Neville Marcano (The Tiger). Here’s what Mr. Armstrong had to say about the track:

“In 1937 the oil business was just beginning in Trinidad and Tobego. Calypso singer, The Tiger put out this song to talk about the Butler Riots which took place on June 19, 1937. The birth of Trinidad’s labor movement, named for Uriah Butler, a fierce defender of workers rights, charged with inciting a riot and sent to jail. This is our take on this heavy and powerful song ‘Down The Road’.”

You can check the song out right here.

Tim Timebomb is the latest side project from Rancid‘s Tim Armstrong, who has been releasing a long series of singles on iTunes every week since the beginning of November 2012 through Hellcat Records. Starting next month, Tim will be touring with Rancid (again).


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