Show Review/Photo Gallery: Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger in St. Pete, FL (11/2/13)

If I had to limit my description of the St. Pete, Florida stop on Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish‘s Don’t Stop Skankin’ co-headlining tour to one word, that word would be skalicious!

Goldfinger, featuring MxPx‘s Mike Herrera on bass, played an action-packed set full of old school classics, taken mostly from their timeless self-titled debut and 1997’s “Hang Ups,” and it was apparent that everyone in the crowd loved it.

At one point, frontman John Feldmann invited anyone who knew the lyrics to “Mable” to sing along, causing everyone in the audience to storm the stage. Some made it past the security guards posted up between the stage and the audience; others weren’t as lucky and ended up being put in awfully violent looking headlocks and promptly thrown back into the crowd.

And you know damn well a Twinkie was eaten out of Darrin’s ass.

Though many people seemed to think Reel Big Fish’s performance paled in comparison with Goldfinger’s, I honestly don’t think this was the case. RBF has a certain swagger (no, not this kind of swagger) where they can just come on stage and effortlessly put on an amazing show.

They play all the songs everyone loves and they do a damn good job of playing them. So what if Aaron isn’t jumping around like a maniac? The guy’s almost 40 years old, for Christ’s sake. I honestly have no idea how the hell John Feldmann still does it. The dude’s crazy!

Anyway, now that all that I got all that nonsense out of the way, I guess it’s time to mention that I did a little picture taking at the show! You can check out a full gallery of photos I got below.

The stage at Jannus Live (the venue the show took place at) is a fucking mile off the ground and I’m vertically challenged to say the least, so it’s always a bitch doing this kinda thing there; especially when one of the band’s you’re shooting (fancy photographer lingo for taking pictures) decides they need to line the edge of the stage with a dozen monitors. Wait… why are you still reading this? Just look at the damn pictures already!

Oh yeah, if you’re in the mood for some skanking, head on over here to see when/where this tour will be stopping in the next two weeks.

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