Streetlight Manifesto (finally) detail new album “The Hands That Thieve”

Well, this editor is more than happy to report that the over 5-year long wait for brand new Streetlight Manifesto material is just weeks from being over. The New Jersey 4th-wave teases took to the interwebs to announce the November 6th release of “The Hands That Thieve”

The band detailed some additional information on a North American Supporting tour:

“Yes, this could all have been one sentence. But here at Streetlight Manifesto we want our thoughts to be given room to breathe. With the new album we will also be heading out on a tour of the same name this Fall. The tour will start October 16th in Toronto and will go over the course of two months throughout the US. Streetlight Manifesto will be joined by Lionize, Hostage Calm and The Chicharones at different points throughout the tour. New songs will be played every night alongside the old classics and everything else in the between.

“The Hands That Thieve” tour will also take Streetlight Manifesto to South America for the WROS Festival and to Gainesville for a night at The Fest.”

(Read the full post on Facebook)

Click here for the full run of dates. The album will be co-released by Victory Records and Pentimento Music Company. However, the band made a plea to fans some months ago to not purchase the album or anything Streetlight-related via Victory Records, due to countless disputes between the two parties. Instead, fans are encouraged to support the Streetlight-affiliated Pentimento Music Co., or to “find a way to get the tunes onto your computer that may not be, ahem, traditional.” Interpret as you will.

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