Streetlight Manifesto pushes back “Hands That Thieve” release date (BIG SHOCKER.)

Notorious New Jersey teases Streetlight Manifesto have done the completely unprecedented act of pushing the release date of their 4th studio album back to some vaguely better place and better time (allegedly January 2013). The album has already faced multiple delays due to ongoing conflicts between the band and their label Victory Records, along with a self-professed perfectionism by singer/guitarist Tomas Kalnoky.

A statement/apology from Kalnoky reads:

“So, first off, I’d like to apologize to everyone who has been waiting for this record to come out as originally announced, on Nov 6th. I’d normally say “on behalf of everyone in Streetlight” but that’d be misleading. I am entirely and solely at fault for the delay of these records and I take full responsibilty for it. I simply put too much on my plate and lined up too many deadlines and tours, and I just couldn’t finish everything in time, between writing, recording, planning and my now notorious but unavoidable tendency to remix, rewrite and, in general, redo everything a few times before it’s “just right”. We announced the album prematurely and in a rush because of a number of factors that lined up in August, and since then I was unable to meet some critical deadlines in order to get the records handed in in time for a Nov 6th release. . . I was waiting to announce the delay until we had a certain, solid release date but that just hasn’t happened yet for a number of reasons, so it’s time to let the cat out of the bag: We’re looking at January of 2013 as of now. As soon as I know anything, we’ll be announcing it on our site and to try to make it up to you guys as best we can, all preorders will ship with a special gift, one that will hopefully ease the frustration of the prolonged wait.

In the meantime, we are on tour, playing a number of new songs from the album, and we’ll be sharing live versions of the songs soon, as well as (finally) some proper samples from the record(s).

(Read the full statement here)

The album, to be co-released by the RISC Group-affiliated Pentimento Music Co., includes a companion acoustic album by Kalnoky. The band will remain on tour supporting the album with Lionize, Hostage Calm, and The Chicarones. Click here for dates.

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