The Get Up Kids releasing new album “There Are Rules”, giving away free song download

Old school rock/emo/pop-punk (?) fans get stoked! The Get Up Kids have re-united and are preparing to release a new full-length album called “There Are Rules” on January 25th via Quality Hill Records.  To get a taste of the coming album you can stream and download “Regent’s Court” here.

The tracklist and cover art can be seen here.  Note: I stumbled across it on Wikipedia so I’m unsure if that’s the official cover or not. Nonetheless, check it out!

Their latest full-length album was 2004’s “Guilt Show”

1. ‘Tithe’
2. ‘Regent’s Court’
3. ‘Shatter Your Lungs’
4. ‘Automatic’
5. ‘Pararelevant’
6. ‘Rally ‘Round the Fool’
7. ‘Better Lie’
8. ‘Keith Case’
9. ‘The Widow Paris’
10. ‘Birmingham’
11. ‘When It Dies’
12. ‘Rememorable’

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