Trapped Under Ice release cover art and track listing for upcoming album “The Big Kiss Goodnight”

Maryland hardcore act Trapped Under Ice have released the cover art and track listing for their upcoming album, “Big Kiss Goodnight.” The track listing can be seen here and the cover art is <= yonder.

“The Big Kiss Goodnight” will be released October 11th on Good Fight Music.  The album was recorded with producer Chad Gilbert (of New Found Glory) and engineer Paul Miner.

Trapped Under Ice released their latest album “Secrets of the World” in 2009 on Reaper Records.

1. Born To Die
2. Pleased To Meet You
3. Jail
4. Outcast
5. Victimized
6. Time Waits
7. Dead Inside
8. True Love
10. Disconnect
10. Draw The Line
11. You And I
12. Still Cold
13. Reality Unfolds

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