No Fun At All cancel tour dates, postpone new album following assault allegations (UPDATE: Festival organizers release statement)

Swedish skate punk band No Fun At All has cancelled all of their upcoming tour dates, and postponed the release of their new album Seventh Wave. The news comes after Sick of it All guitarist Pete Koller alleged that his wife was physically assaulted by NFAA frontman Ingemar Jansson backstage at the Brakrock festival this past weekend in Belgium.

Koller’s wife Mei-Ling who is a guitar tech for Sick of it All made an Instagram post, stating that the singer “came off stage looking for something during his set, claimed that all my stuff was his, he pushed me when I didn’t move, then he picked me up from behind and we started to fight”.

No Fun At All responded to the allegations with a statement of their own, in which they acknowledge the incident did occur, but that it was due to an “enormous misunderstanding” and that “there were altercations, but in no way as condemnable as those described by the other party”. The band also alleges that when Brakrock staff gave Jansson the opportunity to apologize to Mei-Ling Koller following their set, “she chose to hit him instead”.

One thing both sides agree on is that there were multiple witnesses present. However, no third parties – festival organizers included – have stepped forward to substantiate any of the claims made by either side. We will keep you posted if and when that changes.

No Fun At All was slated to release their seventh studio album through SBÄM Records at some point this year. The record label has stated they are keeping tabs on the situation, and will “make the appropriate decision” when they have all the facts straight.

Update: Organizers of the Brakrock festival have issued a statement regarding the incident on their Facebook page, which you can read below.

Mei-Ling Koller’s statement:

No Fun At All’s statement:

Brakrock festival organizers’ statament:

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