Album Review: Cobra Skulls – “American Rubicon”

Album Review: Cobra Skulls – “American Rubicon”

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My friend jay had been raving about Cobra Skulls for what seemed like years, and although I would listen to a clip here and there, I never gave them the full attention they deserved. That is until recently, after I noticed that their latest album, American Rubicon, was the number three best seller on I finally decided to pick it up. Within an hour of getting it I loaded it onto my MP3 player and listened to the whole album while doing my nightly workout. I was impressed, I pedaled out seven miles on my thirty-five (or six) minute stationary bike-ride. Good stuff here.

American Rubicon is the second full-length album from Reno’s own Cobra Skulls. Red Scare Industries released it and it’s the band’s first release with guitarist Adam Beck, who joined the band in 2008 after the departure of Charlie Parker (not the dead jazz musician, jokes).

The band entered the studio in late-March 2009 to record the album which was finished on June 15, 2009. That same day, the band posted one of their new songs, titled “H.D.U.I. (Honorary Discharge Under the Influence)”, on their My Space page. The song details Devin Peralta’s (vocals, bass) encounter with an Iraq War vet who was discharged from the military for driving under the influence in the desert.

For the life of me I can’t really classify their music, there are a few moments where Devin sounds a bit like old Glenn Danzig, and if you take comfort in categorizing the sound, then the next track sounds, almost country, then you have to re-think your assessment.

Good, fun-driving music. If this doesn’t decrease road-rage by 10%, you should get your money back.

If you get the chance to get a copy of American Rubicon, go do it.

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