Boot Liquor singer still missing

Boot Liquor singer still missing

bootliquor1A couple weeks ago we posted this story about the lead singer of Boot Liquor who had gone missing.  Unfortunately it looks like there has still been no word as to his whereabouts.  The band posted this on their myspace blog:

We are finally getting some local media attention with our missing friend. KOMO news 4 ran a small story on James on the 11pm news on Wed. July 1st. If anyone wants to go to the KOMO website(under the local&regional stories) and look up missing seattle musician,that would kick ass!! Because the more people look and are interested, the more they will follow up and keep it a current story. We have also been talking with The Seattle Times and giving them any info or leads we might have. So if everyone keeps checking the articles and commenting or re posting them, maybe we can find him!! Thanks again to everyone helping out!! Boot Liquor

If you know anything that might help, head over the band’s myspace page and contact them.

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